Rates & Policies

Listed below, you will find our current rates and policies. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will provide it for you.

Fees for Service

Description of Fee Charge
Fee Amount Owed
Water shut off / collections $100
Not entering a meter reading $25 - GFTW Branch
Installing a 3/4" ball valve $50
  1. The cost to shut off someone's water is a minimum of 2 hours plus 2 round trips to the customer's residence.
  2. Installing a new ball valve to replace an old style gate valve before the meter is a minimum of $50.  The cost of the Valve alone is $24.

Penalties for Violations of Policy

  1. A $100 penalty will be imposed for any member tampering with his curbstop such as turning his or any other members curstop on or off without permission from the District.
  2. There shall be no less than a $1,000 fine according to N.D.C.C 49-04.1-02 Law which states that any member that intentionally uses water without first running the water through a water meter is in violation of Theft of Service.
  3. There shall be no less than a $300 penalty for any member that hooks up another household, including a mobile home or a second house, in addition to his original household one meter system. This shall apply even though a member runs the additional household water through his own water meter. Any additional household must have an individual membership and his own meter.
  4. There shall be no less than a $300 penalty for any member that fills water from his household system to another non-member system. Example: One household hooked up to GFTWD's water system filling another non-member's household cistern with a hose, or filling a tanker.
  5. There shall be no less than a $300 penalty for anyone filling water from a fillstand and not writing down their name. The same penalty shall apply to anyone filling a tank that has any chemical in it such as herbicide, fungicide, or fertilizers.
  6. There shall be no less than a $300 penalty for any member turning his meter backwards to avoid water count or breaking a seal on their meter without first notifying the District immediately and the reason for doing so.
  7. The Board of Directors has the option to increase the amount of any of the penalties in cases they judge to be more flagrant than others. This may include a member having to pay back minimums in cases of two households using water off of one meter and one membership, or in cases of previously penalized customers breaking regulations of the system a second time. the Board also reserves the right to completely disconnect a member that flagrantly violates the rules and regulations of the District.