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Water Users Agreement includes the following clause...

We have updated our Water Users Agreement to include the following clause. This is retroactive to all members.


The Member shall install and maintain, at member’s own expense, a one-inch service line, which shall be of such quality and manufacture standards to meet or exceed Poly pipe ratings of SDR7 or SDR 9 with a minimum of 160 PSI burst rating.  No PEX tubing can be used in service line installations.  The service line shall be connected to a curb stop of the District’s distribution system, and such curb stop shall be located, 45 feet or more, from the foundation of the Member’s dwelling or building where the meter will be installed.  The meter shall be placed indoors, in a readily accessible location within a heated room.  Member remains responsible for any non-compliance, or installation errors, and repairs of any leaks or breach of the service line, so long as Member is using District’s membership privileges.  Failure of Member to repair the leaks or replace, or cure non-compliant installation shall give the District, after written notice to Member to correct any such defects, the right to shut off the water supply to the premises, until corrective action is taken or arranged to the satisfaction of the District.  This standard-of-care obligation owed by Member to District, is applicable to any installation, repair or failure to maintain, or update of the service line, which service line begins at the pipeline curb stop and extends to the meter.