Emergency Contact Info

Office (After Hours) 701-599-2963

Emergency Calling Only
On weekends and holidays the office recorder gives you the cell phone numbers of the employees. If you have to contact someone right away, call their cell phone number.  You may leave a message on the manager's recorder as instructed or dial the cell phone numbers until you get a response.  Someone will return your call.  

Please remember that when emergency numbers are called GFTWD must pay employees OVERTIME. If the call is not an emergency, or is the member's responsibility, the member will be billed.

Mobile Numbers

  • 218-791-1918 - Manager - Neil B.
  • 218-791-1917 - Mike T.
  • 218-791-1916 - Justin B.
  • 218-791-7469 - Chad G.
  • 218-791-0285 - Dustin L.
  • 218-791-1915 - Shane M.